Doherty’s public safety policy, part 1

For immediate release—Today Chris Doherty (D-Lowell) announced his policy initiatives aimed at reducing violence.  Doherty is running for the state senate seat left open by Senator Panagiotakos’s retirement.  In his bid for the seat, he faces competition from Eileen Donoghue (D-Lowell).

Doherty’s policy outlines a multifaceted approach designed to close loopholes within the state’s legal system.  One such measure includes improving laws implemented at protecting seniors from economic scams.

The focal point of his policy was created to protect women from domestic violence.  Before the session ended, the legislature passed the Sexual Assault and Stalker bill which will enhance the protection offered to women holding restraining orders.  Doherty helped to draft the bill when he was a prosecutor.

In addition, Doherty intends to support legislation that will create a cohesive safety alert system for victims. In situations where an abuser is monitored with a GPS bracelet, victims would be notified immediately should the abuser remove the bracelet.  Currently, individuals who are served with restraining orders are still capable of harassing their victims by closing lines of credit.  To end this practice, he would support initiatives that make it a crime to cause economic interference.

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