Race for 1st Middlesex district heats up

As the Massachusetts primary draws ever closer, Chris Doherty (D-Lowell) and Eileen Donoghue (D-Lowell) keep turning up the heat with their campaigns. With 50 days left until September 14th, both candidates are making back-breaking efforts to speak with as many voters as possible.

Chris Doherty‘s campaign is, for lack of better words, operating energetically around the clock. Since the start of the race, Doherty has been out and around the first Middlesex District on a daily basis. According to a campaign spokeswoman, Doherty and his volunteers contact at least 100 households and hold phone banks each day. In addition, the Doherty campaign holds signs across the district and regularly meets with voters at Spinners baseball games in Lowell.

In addition, the Doherty campaign holds meet and greet events at supporters’ homes at least twice a week. Last night, advocates from Groton and Pepperell converged at the house of Groton selectwoman Anna Elliot in order to demonstrate their support. The crowd numbered in the mid-twenties, which is more intimate compared to the massive groups that gather at Doherty’s fundraisers.

Eileen Donoghue‘s campaign appears to be equally passionate. Donoghue’s campaign holds daily phone banks and frequently knocks on voters’ doors. The campaign reports that Donoghue attended the Lowell Folk Festival over the past weekend. Her volunteers contributed to what the campaign calls a “mobile visibility” as they were all decked out in t-shirts. The mobile visibility seems to have been a big hit as the campaign stated that they received a positive response.

The Donoghue campaign attends bi-weekly house parties throughout the district.  On July 20th, a group of approximately twenty-five convened at the house of Tyngsboro Selectman Rick Reault.  Donoghue parties typically number in this range, minus fundraisers and cultural events.  When asked about the turn-out, the campaign said they “felt lucky to have so many incredible volunteers willing to open their homes.”

As volunteers crank up the heat, voters face a tough choice in September as they choose which candidate gets the nomination on the 14th. Though the debates are still being scheduled, it is too early at this point to tell which candidate is going to shine more.


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