Slot machine battle jeopardizes casino bill

With three weeks left of the current legislative session, the Bay state might not see casinos after all because of the fight over slot machines. Tonight WBZ reported in their evening news that House Speaker Robert DeLeo is fighting both the Senate and Governor Patrick in an effort to bring slot machines to the states’ racetracks.  As the battle for slot machines continues, any form of expanded legislation becomes less likely to pass during this session.

Though the House calls for slots at all the racetracks, the Senate bill does not which is one trigger for this heated debate.  Another obstacle is Patrick’s firm support of the Senate’s version.

The challenge for both Patrick and DeLeo will be to compromise before the legislature adjourns for the summer.  Should the bill not pass, both incumbents will have to do some serious damage control since both will probably face harsh public criticism.  At a time when Mass. residents are pushing for solutions to the budget deficit and the weak economy, a battle of ideology probably doesn’t bode well for any candidate.


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