Democracy in action over Bay state casinos

It’s official!  I am a Boston Nonpartisan Examiner for!  This is my first article for my page, which was launched on Friday, July 2nd!


Several days ago, the Bay state saw democracy in play when a pro-casino bill was stalled in the Senate. The proposed bill would not only construct three resort casinos in the bay state, but it would also see the alcohol tax repealed and the sales tax decreased.

At the end of March of this year, a casino bill was introduced into the House of Representatives. On April 14th, the bill was passed unanimously by a vote of 120-37. The bill passed by the House is entirely different than the one currently on hold in the Senate. The House bill permits the construction of two resort casinos and the addition of slot machines at race tracks. However, the Senate bill allows for the creation of a third casino without the installation of slot machines at the race tracks.

Republicans are a rare breed as they control fourteen percent, or five seats out of forty, of all the seats within the Senate. This means that for the Republicans to legislate their own causes, they require the help of at least sixteen Democrats in order to form a quorum and a majority vote. Trying to get that many Democrats on board in one of the most liberal states in the country is a very tall order.

On the flip side, the Democrats are within their right to want more time to examine the proposed amendments. This bill is an important piece of legislation for the state, especially since it could be one answer to the state’s budget problems. Legislation this important should crafted carefully so as to bring the most benefit to the public. This is a brilliant example of democracy at work: multiple groups of people discussing solutions to shared problems.

Other states, such as Indiana and Pennsylvania, have also weighed the choice of using casinos to prop up their economies. Current industry research has provided mixed results as to whether casinos improve the stability of the economy, despite Indiana and Pennsylvania pocketing increased revenues. In the end, where you the reader stand is your choice. Before you make up your mind, just make sure to get all the facts straight, and keep in mind your opinion isn’t the only one that counts.


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