The Institute for Gulf Affairs (IGA)

When it comes to reliable news sources, sometimes people get caught up in thinking that the larger sources (like the Washington Post and the New York Times) are more accurate.  Without knocking either paper (I read and enjoy both), the assumption that “bigger is better” is not always the case.  Sometimes, it’s the little guys that pick up events more quickly.

Such is the case of the DC-based think tank The Institute for Gulf Affairs (IGA).  The IGA’s mission is to help improve foreign relations between the United States and the Middle East, primarily Saudi Arabia.  The IGA accomplishes this in many ways, especially by working with the State Department and Congress so that our government is up to speed and aware of developments overseas.

Though it is smaller than some of the other organizations in the area, do not be fooled by its size.  The IGA has extensive network within the Middle East and, as a result, is a premier news sources for current events in the region.  It is because of their efforts that the world found out about the intolerance taught to students in the Islamic Saudi Academy located within Virginia, the poor translation of the 9/11 tapes and Daniel Pearl’s murder.

With the world as interconnected as it is, the events that play out on the international scene are incredibly important to everyone.  Though it is easy to get caught up in your day to day routine (hence the large gap between the last couple of posts), at least try to stay on top of what is going on in the world.  Think about things this way…how can we expect our legislators to stay on top of current events when we ourselves don’t?  Since we’re the ones that get our legislators into office, isn’t it up to us to make sure that we send individuals that pay attention to everything that’s happening?