There really is power in numbers

Understandably, people stop believing in their government when much of what they see is an ineffective political system in which lasting change is slow to happen. Though it would be easier to just give up, we as a nation owe it to ourselves to keep going especially when times get tough. Instead of dwelling on failures, focus instead of success and what the power of a group can really accomplish.

Earlier tonight, a local TV news station was discussing the issue of forest preservation in the bay state. What made this particular report unusually uplifting and awe-inspiring was the results that were generated by MA residents. It was the efforts of local residents that pushed the state government to increase its preservation programs and transparency practices. Had residents not worked together, then more trees would be lost with little public knowledge.

Though this issue might be small beans to some, it is big beans to others. Regardless of where everyone stands on the issue of green peace/environmental protection, at least realize that is but one example of the difference we can make as a group. So the next time you are down about what’s going on in Washington, or on Beacon Hill, never forget that success always follows failure.


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